We believe that children are innately curious and love to explore the world around them. We are committed to providing authentic learning opportunities to help children shape their understanding of the world and their community. We feel that children should be encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas. When children have trusting relationships with their families, teachers, and important adults, they are confident in their abilities as active participants in their own learning. 

At Inspirations Early Learning Center, children learn through hands-on exploration. New skills and vocabulary are learned through project work and authentic experiences, which are supplemented with standards-based learning activities. Many of these activities include opportunities for artistic expression.

Classes are small, which allows our degreed teachers to work with each child individually. Our teachers document these daily learning experiences and share photos and information with parents on a regular basis.

Our classrooms are inviting and arranged to meet the developmental needs of young children. Families are welcome in the classroom at any time. We also believe the community can be a teaching tool and that children learn from their surroundings, so field trips are regularly incorporated into lesson plans.


We feel that learning should be child directed and that children should have access to authentic materials and experiences. We are inspired by the Reggio Emilia Philosophy, and this philosophy's appreciation for natural surroundings. We recognize that parents and family members are important participants in the educational process, and that the school is the child's first community. 


The mission of Inspirations Early Learning Center is to provide the highest quality in teacher and family support, while encouraging children to explore, create, and love learning. 


Inspirations Early Learning Center strives to serve as a vital participant in the community, as well as a support system for early childhood teachers and families of young children.

All Inspirations teachers have advanced degrees and years of experience teaching early childhood. Our teachers strive to make every experience a learning experience, and to make sure that children understand the concepts and ideas that they are presented with. Teachers at Inspirations encourage children to develop their critical thinking skills and creative problem solving.

"An invitation is the spark, a provocation fans the fire" ~ Louise Jupp

Inspirations Early Learning Center  

200 East Second Street    

Perrysburg, OH 43551 


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